2020 DAHER TBM 930

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2020 DAHER TBM 930

Total Time : 2022

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The TBM 700A Performance Data is derived directly from the Daher-Socata Pilot Information Manual. Select between aircraft operating weights and cruise altitudes for climb, cruise and descent performance. Start by selecting between TBM 700’s, TBM 850’s, TBM 900’s, TBM 930’s listed to your right! Select between max, mid and light take off weights for landing takeoff distances. Also, select between max efficiency and max speed cruise altitudes for time to climb and descend data as well as cruise fuel burn rate and true airspeed.


  • Carbpn Fiber cowling and winglets
  • Bank control through ailerons and spoilers with trim on left aileron
  • 2019 standard paint scheme
  • Gaseous oxygen system for 6 seats and quick-donning masks for pilot and copilot
  • Wing Tie-down attachments
  • Easy maintenance access door
  • Front storage compartment (not pressurized) with lockable access door
  • Pilot Access Door
  • Sound proofing and thermal insulation
  • Pressurized 6 seats cabin (6.2psi) and baggage compartment
  • Hydrailic disc breaks
  • Retractable gear with electrohydraulic actuation
  • Anticorrosion protection treatment
  • Carbon fiber engine cowling and winglets
  • Metal structure and skin panelling
  • Large cabin and baggage compartment
  • Jacking points
  • Emergency exit
  • Large access door with retractable stairway

  • 1 : GIA 64W Nav/Com/ILS/WAAS/GPS

  • Pneumatically deiced wing and tail unit.
  • Electrically deiced stall warning sensor.
  • Pilot controlled engine inertial separator.
  • Heated engine air intake lip.
  • Oxygen System
  • Cabin Temperature Control
  • Pilot & Co-pilot electrically heated windshields
  • Environment and pressurization control system
  • Adjustable rudder pedals
  • Electrical pre-select flaps with integrated asymmetry detection system
  • Electric pitch and rudder trim on pilot control wheel
  • Pilot & Copilot heated windshields
  • Electrically deiced stall warning
  • Electrically heated propeller blades & pitot tubes
  • Pneumatically deiced wing and tail
  • Ice detector light

  • Central console including single lever power control with bleed inhibition in low idle condition, electric flap control, fuel selector, manual pitch trim, ailerons electric trim, manuel override control
  • Automatic environment and pressurization control system with max diff. mode
  • Landing gear handle
  • Electrical pre-select flaps with integrated asymmetry detection system .
  • Elevator, rudder and aileron electric trim.
  • Adjustable rudder and nose wheel steering pedals

  • Retractable working wood table
  • Deluxe wood or carbon trim interior package on central upper panel, table cover and covers of cabinet doors (to be selected 1 month earlier than interiors)
  • Personalized interior color selection (Additional lead time up to 10 weeks)
  • One pilot case support (left or right side)
  • Pilot and Copilot Airbags in seatbelts
  • Privacy compartment including chemical toilet and electric self-deploying door (62.2 kg/137 lbs)
  • Coat Hanger
  • Cup Holders
  • Parking protection kit / Windshield cover
  • Cabin accommodation capable of 4 seats layout includes 2 nets for luggage load
  • Side beam seat Polished Aluminum finish
  • Additional choice among 32 leather colors for seats & interiors (Additional lead time up to 10 weeks)
  • One top storage cabinet (left side or right side)
  • One lower storage cabinet (left side or right side)
  • Gold or Brushed Stainless trimming of individual fresh-air vents and reading light ring
  • Genuine leather upper side panels
  • Environment system w/ engine driven air-conditioning system (VCS)
  • Cabin halon fire extinguisher
  • Ship-powered headset jacks behind each seat (Bose Lemo plugs)
  • Pilot and co-pilot sun visors
  • Individual fresh-air vents and reading lights
  • Leather upper cabin side panels, leather covered lower cabin side panels, wool carpeting
  • Pressurized cabin (6.2 PSI)

  • 14 V port + 2 USB port on copilot side + 2 USB port in passenger cabin.
  • LED Ice Detection
  • Tri-band ELT with GPS connection
  • Electrical power control center
  • Standby generator 28 V- 100 Amp
  • Starter generator 28V-300 Amp
  • Lead acid battery 24V-42 A.h
  • Circuit breakers
  • Automatic starter generator transition during start
    • Maximum Ciruse Speed 326 KTS : ISA Condition -No Wind-FL 310 Minute Reserve
    • Long Range Ciruse speed 252 KTS : ISA Condition-No Wind-FL 310 Minute Reserve

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    Disclaimer: Distances calculated may be approximative. Wind is not taken into consideration. No flight can be based on this application. Please consult the Aircraft Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) for flight planning purposes.

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