AVEX is the leader in TBM maintenance, so you can rely on the highest quality service possible.

We are a fifteen-time FAA Diamond Award recipient, the most prestigious maintenance training honor awarded by the FAA. We are proud to be a Daher recommended service center, contributing to the extensive Daher worldwide support network offering TBM services tailored specifically to you and your aircraft.

Each aircraft serviced at AVEX undergoes an incoming and outgoing boroscope inspection, making sure no detail is overlooked. AVEX also maintains a close working relationship with Daher, Pratt and Whitney, the Trend Group, Garmin, and countless other prominent suppliers to ensure your aircraft has the best possible support network.

Follow your TBM service intervals by checking the TBM service calendar (EOE) before scheduling AVEX’s maintenance service, the TBM service owner’s trust. Intermediate services can often include aircraft maintenance like inspections, trend monitoring, RVSM, avionics, and actuators.

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Safety is our primary concern, which is why we strictly adhere to the Daher Maintenance Manual’s recommended procedures and exercise extreme care in all we do. AVEX maintains machine-like precision and efficiency, ensuring that your TBM is returned on schedule and with the highest quality work. Regularly scheduled maintenance at a Daher network service center is the single most important thing you can do to protect your aircraft’s resale value!


In the event that a major repair is required you want the experts at AVEX on your side. Many of the TBM underwriters know and trust that work performed at AVEX is indisputably reputable, that is why AVEX is the preferred maintenance facility for structural repairs.


Because your engine is the lifeline of your aircraft, careful monitoring and preventative maintenance can save your engine and help you avoid costly repairs down the road. Invest in the peace of mind that comes with detailed tracking of your engine’s performance while also preserving your aircraft’s resale value.


AVEX is an industry leader in TBM avionics upgrades. Enhance your situational awareness, reduce pilot workload, and increase safety with one of the following retrofit packages: L-3 Trilogy, Garmin GTN 650 and 750, Garmin G-600, Roll Steering, WAAS, Garmin GTS 820 Traffic, or let us tailor a package to your TBM’s particular requirements!


AVEX’s in-house actuator shop is purposely engineered with TBM owners in mind, reducing the typical turn time to only seven days! As a result, TBM 700 actuator overhauls are now possible concurrently with your inspection. To learn more, click here.


Your engine is the most critical and expensive component of your aircraft; entrust the experts to assist you in maintaining your engine to ensure peak performance all the way to TBO. Complete your hot section accurately and efficiently to ensure a continued safe operation. 

AVEX Aviation has maintained an unparalleled number of TBMs during the last 18 years. Our commitment to focusing only on the TBM has earned us a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable TBM service centers in the industry. We employ the finest technicians available and rigorously train them on the TBM airframe and systems. This purist approach to TBM maintenance enables us to provide world-class service tailored to the TBM product line and the unique requests of TBM owners.

Maintaining your aircraft’s resale value is as simple as keeping it safe and doing routine maintenance according to factory-specified procedures. Not only do we give the highest quality service, but we do it with machine-like efficiency. Our technicians are knowledgeable in the TBM, and our parts inventory is the most extensive available, ensuring that downtime for your aircraft is kept to a minimum.

With respect to your engine, our staff is committed to providing industry-leading engine trending services. Our engine analysis captures data that is immediately transformed into actionable information, therefore reducing operating costs and boosting visibility into the condition of your engine. Here are three crucial checks that our expert technicians do to guarantee your engine continues to function properly.



The engine performance is evaluated at each inspection, checking the health of the compressor and turbine sections of the engine. All engine parameters are checked, and performance margins are recorded in our proprietary database to determine if there are any signs of deterioration both on the ground and at altitude. This unbiased approach leverages technology for early detection of anomalies and informed troubleshooting measures reducing further damage and higher maintenance costs.


AVEX has harvested over 21 years of data from the PT6 series engines in the TBM and has been able to establish a mean trend line for vibration characteristics of rotating components in the engine. This allows us to take any individual engine and compare it to the normal signature of expected vibration, and quickly spot any anomalies on a rotating component. Using these independent sources, AVEX is able to remove any bias from the analysis and rely on data accumulated over hundreds of thousands of flying hours to make accurate determinations with respect to engine health. 


Oil analysis is performed in Pratt & Whitney’s oil laboratory where PWC engineers interpret the results. These results are examined for wear metal impurities suspended in the oil and depending on the concentration and particle size in the sample can be used to indicate areas of distress on the internal rotating components in the engine and used to corroborate vibration anomalies. This is a very valuable service from a safety standpoint and is useful in determining the proper time for the extraction of the engine from the aircraft prior to incurring significant repair costs. 

Depend on the industry’s best TBM Maintenance Technicians. AVEX hires industry experts and invests in training specific to your TBM, ensuring our team is the highest qualified available. AVEX believes that safety should be the highest priority, which is why we strictly adhere to the Daher Maintenance Manual and ensure that your aircraft is maintained in the manner intended by Daher.



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