AVEX Aviation specializes exclusively in the Daher TBM aircraft and accounts for approximately 40 percent in the global resale market. Our operations extend to maintaining over 220 TBMs across our facilities in California and Colorado. What sets us apart is AVEX Intel, our comprehensive market data analysis. With each TBM transaction, we meticulously collect and record 102 data points, categorized into three key information areas.

Aircraft-specific details encompass various aspects such as total flight hours, damage history, avionics equipment, and aftermarket modifications.

Our analysis also incorporates the microeconomic environment specific to the Daher TBM, including metrics like average days on the market (DOM), market velocity, and market density.

Additionally, we incorporate fundamental macroeconomic indicators like the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), the unemployment rate, and the performance of the S&P 500 into our dataset.


Leveraging the power of AVEX Intel, we have developed an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) exclusively for TBM aircraft. This sophisticated algorithm relies on multivariable linear regression and correlation coefficients to establish the relationship between 102 independent variables and the dependent variable of price. By applying this model, we can forecast the selling value of a TBM with a 95 percent confidence interval. This methodology is akin to the one employed by Zillow for valuing residential properties.

We recognize that determining the price of a TBM aircraft is a multifaceted undertaking that demands a deep comprehension of the unique dynamics within the TBM industry, as well as sound valuation principles. AVEX takes pride in offering the most trustworthy and precise valuations available for TBMs, proven by our successful track record in state tax audits conducted by franchise tax boards.

To obtain a personalized valuation for your aircraft, simply click on the “Personalized Aircraft Valuation” button and provide us with your details, along with a copy of your logbooks. Rest assured that we prioritize confidentiality throughout the entire process. Utilizing AVEX Intel and up-to-date market data, we will promptly deliver an accurate valuation of your aircraft.


When it comes to TBM Aircraft Valuation, AVEX stands as the global authority in this field.

The total cost of ownership for a TBM aircraft consists of three key components: Acquisition Cost, Operational Expenses, and Exit Price.


While it is impossible to accurately foresee the future, AVEX employs market intelligence and advanced models to provide stakeholders involved in the decision-making process with a comprehensive grasp of the projected value and liquidity of the TBM asset. Our aim is to equip you with the necessary insights to make informed decisions about your TBM investment.

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