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For two decades, AVEX has closely monitored the TBM market. We are the only TBM distributor that has diligently recorded every single TBM sale, in which we have tracked a variety of critical variables and compiled this data into a comprehensive format that enables in-depth research and enhanced intelligence regarding the TBM market. This analytical approach allows us to enable our clients to make the most informed decisions possible, providing significant advantages to our customers on either side of the transaction whether it be TBM sales or acquisition.  

Not only does our sales team provide the greatest value, but they also provide the best service. Both buyers and sellers can benefit from our TBM resources. Our on-site TBM maintenance facility can accommodate pre-purchase inspections and avionics installs simultaneous with the close of escrow. Our approach to the sales process will alleviate stress and provide a seamless and enjoyable experience whether it be purchasing or selling a TBM. With recommendations to tax advisors, TBM insurance specialists, and TBM teachers, AVEX puts the experts on your side.

When it comes to acquiring a TBM, no two cases are the same. Our evaluation methods are unique in the industry. Others may initially inquire, “What is your mission?” At AVEX, we are genuinely interested in learning about your mission and all the factors that contribute to your ownership experience. By asking the appropriate questions and gaining a true understanding of our customers, we can provide appropriate solutions.  

AVEX Aviation dominates more than 40% of the global market, and with good reason; TBM owners and customers place their trust in AVEX Aviation.

For the last 22 years, AVEX AVIATION has solely focused on the Socata/Daher TBM. During this period, we’ve accumulated a variety of exclusive data and technologies that allow us to have a unique perspective on the TBM and the industry it operates within.

Our proprietary database consists of 102 data points for every TBM sale that has occurred globally over the past 20 years. Our team of analysts constantly monitors the market and updates our database on a regular basis. The data points we collect can be categorized into three distinct subcategories, each providing valuable insights: aircraft characteristics, the microeconomic climate, and fundamental market indicators. With these data inputs, we have developed highly sophisticated algorithms using multivariable linear regression models that consider the subject aircraft’s characteristics, historical data, the overall economy, and the health of the TBM market, to predict within a 95 percent confidence range at what price a TBM will actually be sold.

Additionally, we’ve been able to track the depreciation cycles of every TBM model in the fleet for years, enabling us to accurately estimate the future value of any TBM. The following are some examples of the data we collect to guarantee an accurate and consistent decision-making process.

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Our advanced algorithms allow us to price airplanes with a 95 percent confidence level on the price at which an aircraft will sell given its specific characteristics and current market conditions. This has been proven to be a significant advantage in bringing buyers and sellers together by substantiating the prices we assign aircraft with hard data. Other brokers lack product knowledge and experience and frequently miss the mark on price, forcing them to chase the market down resulting in an increased amount of time the aircraft spends on the market, ultimately achieving below-market results.

Accordingly, AVEX Aviation has consistently delivered within 1.5 percent of the asking price throughout the years. This analytical approach enables us to accurately move products rapidly and in a quarter of the time than it takes our national competitors. For the average transaction, AVEX Aviation saves 4.3 months in holding expenses. As a result, our proven method means we sell planes faster at market prices.


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Our maintenance shop has also been forged with data. AVEX Aviation has established a mean trend line for the vibration characteristics of rotating components in the engine based on twenty-two years of data from the PT6 series engines in the TBM. This enables us to compare any individual engine to the normal expected vibration signature and identify any anomalies on a rotating component.

Using these independent sources, AVEX Aviation is able to remove any bias from the analysis and rely on data accumulated over hundreds of thousands of flight hours to make accurate determinations with respect to engine health.

AVEX Aviation is a trusted source for all things TBM. We are internationally recognized as an industry leader in knowledge and specialization due to the aircraft and market analysis tools we provide. These patented tools are available to assist you in acquiring the best-suited TBM for your needs.

AVEX Aviation Acquisition Services provides a unique purchasing advantage to the buyer. Develop a full understanding of each TBM on the market and make your selection based on key criteria including projected operating expenses and resale prices. Our innovative approach to in-depth analysis of maintenance logs, damage history, and next due items is unmatched. Our on-site maintenance facility and TBM avionics specialist can assist you in coordinating a pre-buy or avionics installation with your closing.

AVEX Aviation provides a specialized TBM acquisition service that is meant to assist purchasers in making confident acquisition choices by giving an in-depth insight into the industry and unique access to the AVEXIntel proprietary database. We have developed complex algorithms that, when applied to aircraft specs and current market circumstances, enable us to price TBMs within a 95 percent confidence interval of the actual selling price. AVEX can substantiate the value we assign to the aircraft and validate our pricing at the negotiating table using genuine market data, purchasing TBMs at their true market worth rather than inflated market prices.

As the global market leader in TBM sales and maintenance; we have personal contact with the majority of fleet owners and are well-known within the TBM community. As a result, we know which customers are considering selling or upgrading, which provides us with insight into TBMs that have not yet been offered on the market. This reputation establishes our credibility when we approach customers to inquire about off-market TBMs. Owners have confidence that we are not just pursuing their listing but that we genuinely have a buyer lined up and are ready to close in a short amount of time.

Our TBM records and maintenance teams work diligently to guarantee that you get an accurate assessment of the current state of repair on any aircraft we offer. Our customized TBM Estimate Operating Expense (EOE) Technology details the planned maintenance for the following five years. This may be beneficial when comparing two identical aircraft with varying levels of upkeep. Additionally, AVEX Aviation engine experts will conduct a complete inspection of the engine using AVEX Aviation-exclusive maintenance instruments to guarantee that all components are in excellent working order.

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Sellers who are ill-informed make less-than-optimal decisions. Throughout the sales process, it is critical for sellers to have a thorough understanding of current market conditions in order to maximize the value of their transactions. Confident sellers, we know the value of their aircraft and gain an upper hand at the negotiating table.

AVEX Aviation systematically records each TBM sale, including aircraft specs, market density, economic factors, and, most importantly, the exact sale price of each TBM. This proprietary data has enabled us to be very efficient throughout the TBM sales process. AVEX Aviation accounted for more than 40% of preowned TBM purchases in 2021, and of the 54 we sold, 52 were sold at the price we assigned to them. Along with being the worldwide market leader in new and pre-owned TBM sales, the TBMs we sell spend less than one-third of the time on the market on average compared to those sold through other brokers.

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We provide sellers with an unparalleled understanding of the market, enabling them to make rational, confident choices. Out-of-network brokers deal with a wide variety of aircraft and are not solely focused on the TBM market. When these brokers sell TBMs, they often lack the data necessary to justify their pricing, resulting in incorrect appraisals.

AVEX Aviation has been devoted exclusively to the TBM aircraft for over two decades and understands the market intimately. We can justify our pricing decisions using a plethora of real market data, which explains why the airplanes we sell, sell quickly and at the pricing we establish.

The brokerage service at AVEX Aviation is committed to assisting you in elevating your decision-making process and navigating your sales process as efficiently as possible.



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