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AVEX Aviation is a leading market provider of both new and pre-owned airplanes, specializing in the TBM 700A, 700B, 700C2 models, as well as the 850, 900, 910, 930, 940 and 960 models. Our reputation for providing high-quality aircraft is unrivaled, with every TBM offered being thoroughly inspected and passing the AVEX standard of excellence. Our team of records experts conducts a detailed analysis of all maintenance logs and aircraft histories, making it easy for us to offer a list of next due maintenance items on any of our aircraft.

At AVEX, we understand the importance of peace of mind, which is why all TBMs represented by us are current on mandatory and recommended items. Additionally, our aircraft are complete with all manufacturers' recommended items due within the next 12 months / 200 hours completed, ensuring that our clients are always up to date with the latest aviation regulations.

With AVEX's pre-owned brokerage, clients have access to the aviation industry's leading professionals, making the transition to TBM ownership a seamless process. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the fact that we have assisted over 500 low-time pilots in acquiring their own TBM turboprop, making us the first step towards turbine ownership.

Browse our online inventory of pre-owned TBM turboprops to find the perfect aircraft that meets your needs.

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