Autothrottle – A Technical Review

TBM AutoThrottle

Autothrottle is the latest enhancement to the TBM in Daher’s long heritage of innovation and aviation firsts and is one of the most advanced systems available in general aviation today. The autothrottle application on the TBM is surprisingly stable for a first-generation component, a testimony to DAHER and Garmin’s diligence to bring a mature product to the aircraft. Autothrottle has been dubbed an E-Copilot by DAHER, and it is that and much more, improving the TBM flying experience across a multitude of flight phases. The arming of the autothrottle for all phases of the flight can either be done before takeoff, or if the pilot wishes, at any time during the flight.

Learn more here; TBM-Winter-2020-Autothrottle-sm

Autothrottle – A Technical Review

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