Best Experience of any product!

The AVEX service experience for me has been among the best experiences of any product or service I’ve ever had.


I appreciate the AVEX attention to customers and their efforts.

Amazed by the quick response and quality of work!

I was blown away that you were able to respond so quickly to our maintenance need. The “gravy-on-top” was that you took my call on a Sunday evening, and your team rallied to come in on short notice to help us out.

Always treats us like we are number one!

We have bought 3 TBMs with AVEX and they always treat us like we are their only customer. Their team is incredible, friendly, and highly knowledgeable.

All new TBMs need to be brought up to AVEX standards!

Please know it is refreshing to go to a shop that actually knows how to work on the airplane one flies. Also, your Chief Pilot Blake was very informative when discussing flying these birds.

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