TBM 930

2018 SOCATA TBM 930

This beautiful and very fast single-engine turboprop aircraft offers the ultimate developments in avionics with an advanced G3000 flight deck, an elegant interior, and enhanced safety features such as Electronic Stability Protection, Underspeed Protection, and Emergency Descent Mode. The 930 is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-66D engine which is renowned for its reliability, […]

2020 DAHER TBM 930

The TBM 700A Performance Data is derived directly from the Daher-Socata Pilot Information Manual. Select between aircraft operating weights and cruise altitudes for climb, cruise and descent performance. Start by selecting between TBM 700’s, TBM 850’s, TBM 900’s, TBM 930’s listed to your right! Select between max, mid and light take off weights for landing takeoff distances. […]

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